January's Webinar Presentation Now Available - Audit Like A Leader - Communication And Leadership In Auditing

January's webinar, Audit Like a Leader, presented by Susan Gorveatte is now available!

To find the presentation and recording, please visit Files/Webinars (2021) or go to the link below:

News Audit Division 02/15/2021 4:53pm CST



Please note the link to the recording has been moved the comments section under the presentation PDF!

I attended this webinar. I very much appreciated the content and really enjoy Susan's training style - clear, informative and fun.
Am not able to see the webinar 'Audit Like A Leader - Communication And Leadership In Auditing" in the link provided. Please Help.
Now I see what you are talking about. I have reached out to our Audit Division Webinar Chair and Social Media Chair so they can address this.
There are two links provided. Please try the second link that is listed. I just tried it and it worked for me.