ASQ FD&C Division Elected Officer Nominees For The 2022 Term

The ASQ Food, Drug, & Cosmetic (FD&C) Division nominating committee is pleased to announce the nomination of the following elected officers for the 2022 term:

Paul Mignon – Chair
Lance Harding – Chair-Elect
Lisa El-Shall – Treasurer
Shelly Coggins – Secretary
Tim Parrent – Immediate Past Chair/Nominating Committee Chair

Additional nominations from the general FD&C membership require submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Professional members, and submitted to the FD&C secretary, Lisa El-Shall prior to October 27, 2021. Additional nominees must be a member of ASQ in good standing and a member of the FD&C Division.

If there are no additional qualified candidates nominated for any elected position by October 27, 2021, the nominees will be declared elected by acclamation at the FD&C Leadership Team October 28 meeting.
If there are two or more qualified members nominated for the same elected position, an election will be conducted with all members of FD&C in good standing eligible to vote. A majority is required for the approval of a candidate.

Best Regards,
Amanda Gainey
Past Chair/ Nominations Chair
ASQ FD&C Division
News Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Division 10/11/2021 2:45pm CDT


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