ASQ Medical Device Division DFW Discussion Group Presents: Adding “Technical” Back Into Design Reviews: 3 Alternatives To Bulleted Slide Decks


Please join the Dallas Fort Worth Medical Device Division Group June 8, 2022 7:00-8:00 P.M. CDT for our June webinar.

Adding “Technical” back into Design Reviews: 3 Alternatives to Bulleted Slide Decks

Presenter-Dianna Deeney

Technical Design Reviews are important meetings to hold with our team and management to make decisions about what we’re developing. We need the team to review the data, discuss it, and make an informed assessment based on data.

Slide decks are commonplace in technical design reviews. They are useful to the presenter to pull together a meeting, but terrible for the reviewers who need to review technical information and make decisions from it.

We review a case study from history, looking back at a tragic failure and the subsequent investigations that were held to determine how it could’ve happened. Consultants focused-in on the technical design reviews: how technical data was presented in a bulleted slide deck, and how that may have caused decisions that weren’t informed on the data.

There are alternatives to a bulleted slide deck. We review 3 alternatives with their scenarios and examples of their associated materials. We also discuss how to use them in your technical design reviews.

Speaker Bio

Dianna Deeney is the host of the Quality during Design Podcast and is the founder of Quality during Design. She coaches product development engineers about awareness and use of quality and reliability methods during the design development process. She is an engineer, a senior quality professional, and an active member of ASQ holding certificates as a CQE, CRE, CQA, and CMQ/OE. Dianna believes that design engineers do not need to become quality or reliability engineers to use those methods and benefit from quality thinking. She has seen that using quality as a strategic asset during concept and design development improves the design and the design process and helps design engineers to be recognized as star performers. Her mission is to bridge product managers and designers (entry-level to seasoned) to the world's quality initiatives and quality-minded people.

The webinar is free but does require registration. Follow the link below to register. If you have questions or would like more information please contact Bob Shanks at



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