ASQ Medical Device Division Award

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The ASQ MDD Award is intended to recognize long and distinguished service to the Society and to MDD. Such service can include leadership positions on the Division Council as well as Society or Division elected and appointed offices but must also include other service of a continuing and long-term nature. The work of the recipient should be so outstanding as to have had a lasting and meaningful effect on the MDD. This award is in recognition of lifelong service.

Form and presentation of the Award: The Distinguished Service Award will consist of a plaque or bowl suitably inscribed with the Awardee’s name and the year that the Award was presented, plus a cash honorarium of $500 or such other amount as the MDD Leadership Team shall determine. The MDD shall maintain a perpetual plaque engraved with the names of all Award winners and the year each received the Award, to be displayed at appropriate Division functions.

The Award shall be presented at an appropriate Division function or during WCQI or at such other function as the Division Chair shall determine, consistent with the prestige of the Award and the ability of the recipient to be present. Every effort shall be made to have the family of the recipient present during the presentation ceremony. For planning purposes, the recipient and their family shall be the guests of the Division and shall be accommodated accordingly.

Each of the three categories has five levels of excellence. Candidacy for the Award presumes achievement to the fourth level in all categories.

The MDD Leadership Team expects each candidate to excel to the fifth level in at least one area, perhaps even two. Level Five in all three classes is deemed much less likely. We ask that detailed documentation NOT to be included with this nomination. The nomination sponsor may be asked to provide more detailed information later. However, sufficient information should be provided to describe the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions.

Nominations are due to the Scholarship Chairperson no later than February 1.


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