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The Medical Device Division (MDD) has recently changed its name from the Biomedical Division of ASQ. Along with the name change, MDD has revised and simplified its “Scholarship, Awards, and Grant Program” to align with, be harmonized, and approved by the ASQ Awards Board and the ASQ Board of Directors.

The Program Identity is as follows, “Medical Device Division Scholarship Program.” The intent of the program is to award financial assistance to current High School Seniors, College freshman, sophomores and juniors enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time, two or four-year program of study in an accredited college or university. The naming of the program has been simplified and generated to reflect contributions to the medical device community by individuals whether they are members or not members of ASQ, MDD, etc.

MDD members should be aware of this Scholarship Program and the beneficial assistance to potential students in the medical device community. The members in the medical device industry have the potential to be aware of students pursuing an education in biomedical engineering or a related science. The members should then indicate that a scholarship is available to students who qualify for financial assistance.

The Medical Device Division Scholarship Program is managed by the MDD Scholarship Chairperson. A procedure includes an application to be completed by the applicant. The Chairperson then ensures that the applicant submits the required information along with applicable supporting documentation. The Chairperson then forwards the applicants application to the MDD Leadership Team for their review and approval. If approval is granted, the Scholarship Chairperson then requests a check to be made payable to the applicant’s college or university. Once approved, the MDD Treasurer then forwards the check as directed.

The scholarship amount of up to $5000 to be presented to an individual(s) enrolled in an accredited university or college who, in the opinion of the Leadership Team, fulfills the acceptance criteria. The amount will be deposited in the recipient’s account with the business office of the institution designated in the application upon receipt of confirmation from the institution stating the recipient has been registered for the upcoming session. Recipients will be notified that they have been awarded the scholarship and may be invited to attend the WCQI as the guest of the ASQ Medical Device Division for a formal presentation of the scholarship.

The Vision of the Medical Device Division of the American Society for Quality is to make quality in the medical device community, biomedical products, and systems a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic. The ASQ MDD strives to be the leading authority and resource for everyone in the Medical Device Community who seeks quality concepts, technology, regulatory, standards and tools to improve products, processes, and themselves. The MDD Scholarship Program furthers its vision by:
  • Promoting the awareness and the use of quality principles, concepts, and technologies to students within the Medical Device Community,
  • Providing learning opportunities relating to quality for the global community,
  • Encouraging consideration of the Quality Profession in the Medical Device Community as a career choice.
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS One or more scholarship may be awarded annually. Applicants going into their third year of undergraduate study are preferred recipients of the scholarship award. A recipient of the scholarship may apply for a second award if they are able to demonstrate through their studies and community activities exceptional commitment to the quality issues of the Medical Device Community. A recipient shall not receive more than two scholarships.

ELIGIBILITY The applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
  • It is preferred that Applicants shall have completed at least two years of undergraduate study at an accredited degree granting institution by the time they receive the scholarship,
  • Applicants are enrolled in or have a declared major in a technical, engineering, or scientific course of study that is applicable to the Medical Device Community.
  • The applicant shall have at least a 3.0 GPA (based on a 4.0 scale),
  • Applicants enrolled in a Graduate Degree program are eligible for the scholarship,
  • Relatives of the Scholarship Chairperson are not eligible for the scholarship.
APPLICATION All applicants for the MDD Scholarship shall complete and submit the application form. All application material must be submitted to the Scholarship Chairperson. In addition to the completed form, each application shall include:
  • An official transcript of completed undergraduate or graduate work to date showing courses taken, subjects, and grades,
  • A resume,
  • Letters of reference from at least two (2) persons, one of whom shall be a current regular, senior, fellow, or honorary member of the American Society for Quality,
  • An essay between 300 to 500 words on “Why Quality Systems are important in the Medical Device Community”,
  • Application to be completed by April 1.
This scholarship may be based on assessing multiple applicants. The ASQ MDD reserves the right to limit the number of scholarships per year and to make no award if the Leadership Team determines that none of the applicants meet the requirements. Selection preference criteria for awarding the scholarship shall include:
  • Applicants in a technical or scientific course of study related to medical products have preference over other applicants,
  • Applicants with a demonstrated contribution or participation in activities related to quality in the Medical Device Community are preferred,
  • Applicants with a higher GPA and/or compelling essay will have preference. The Scholarship Chairperson shall recommend to the Leadership Team the recipient(s) of the scholarship(s). They shall consider and accept or reject each award by voice vote either at a regularly scheduled meeting or a telephone meeting or on-line meeting of MDD.


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