Call for Officers 2656

Call for Officers


Folks, we're rebuilding the Team and Workplace Excellence Forum for 2022. This is a terrific opportunity for anyone passionate about culture, teambuilding, team performance, workplace design, and the human side of quality to become part of this transformation.

We have several officer positions to fill:

  • Chair Emeritus - Jeremiah Genest
  • Chair - Jeff Veyera
  • Chair Elect
  • Secretary

If interest proves strong, we will add positions to the core team.

If you elect to join us, I promise you the most collaborative experience ASQ offers, both within the leadership team and across our membership. We are going to make a run at member engagement in order to build a great foundation upon which my successors will build high and strong.

We'll meet weekly at a convenient time via conferencing app to get rolling. If you're a highly-collaborative professional committed to a more human business environment, please reply in the general discussion thread or message me and I'll set up time to chat.

News Team and Workplace Excellence Forum 12/22/2021 9:12am CST


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