ISBSG IT Confidence Conference - 8th And 14th October


International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG)

Registrations closing 9am day prior for October 14 IT Confidence
Times are
  • 9am Los Angeles
  • 11am Mexico City
  • 12pm New York
  • 1pm Brazil
  • 6pm Europe
Free registration
PDU certificate available.
Here is the presenters, topics and schedule.
Time (LA time) Speaker/s Presentation
9:00 Pierre Almen, ISBSG President / Paula Holmberg, ISBSG CEO IT Confidence 2021: An Introduction
9:20 Sara Jardine, Christian Smart and Kimberly Roye, from Galorath Incorporated Parametric Joint Confidence Level Analysis: A Practical Cost and Schedule Risk Management Approach
10:00 Francisco Valdés-Souto, President of Cosmic
Integrations distinct sources databases to improve the estimation models
10:40 Short Break
11:00 Paula Holmberg, ISBSG Executive Director Have we really improved over the years?
11:40 Carol Dekkers, Software Metrics Expert from International Cost Estimating & Analysis Association (ICEAA) Advance Preview – ICEAA’s Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK)
12:20 Bob Hunt, Dan Galorath, David DeWitt, Kimberly Roye and Karen McRitchie, from Galorath Incorporated Cloud Computing and Costing
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About the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG)

The ISBSG is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997 by a group of national software metrics associations. Their aim was to promote the use of IT industry data to improve software processes and products.
The ISBSG mission is to help YOU and your organization improve the estimation, planning, control and management of your IT software projects and/or maintenance and support contracts.
To achieve this ISBSG maintains and grows 2 repositories of IT software development/maintenance & support data. This data originates from trusted, international IT organizations. Learn more about the ISBSG data.

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