Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) Happy Hour on Friday, April 16th

Do you miss hanging out with research colleagues but don’t want to dedicate an entire week of your time listening to talks? Well have we got a solution for you…

The JSS Happy Hour is back! Please save the date: Friday, April 16th, 6 AM EST. Add it to your calendar via this link:

As with the previous instance, this happy hour will be streamed via YouTube Live, ensuring high quality audio and video, and will feature:
- Video summaries of selected papers
- Banter from our expert panel after each video
- Interactive crowd voting on key JSS issues

We had a lot of fun last time, but of course we can always do better. Send us your suggestions on things you would like us to do! We hope you grab a drink (type depending on your time zone), put on your happy face and join us. And please spread the word!

News Software Division 04/13/2021 2:34pm CDT


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