Message From The CQSDI Chair And Division Chair

Hello everyone. I do hope everyone in our community is safe and healthy, as we all deal with these challenging times. Who knew how much our world would change a few days after we returned from CQSDI 2020. A sincere and heartfelt Thank You for all who supported the event.

Well, with all the last minute challenges and changes we managed to hold a successful 2020 CQSDI. “Enabling Success in 2020 and Beyond!” The committee was able to fill in the slots of speakers who could not travel, or identify alternate presentation mediums to deliver the content we proposed in the agenda. Although our participation was cut in half, our registrations were in line with the number of attendees in 2019. We also reviewed the feedback from attendees and all were appreciative that we held the event. I cannot thank the speakers and presenters enough for their diligence in working with us to be there in person or present via video conferencing.  Consistent with our theme of “Enabling Success in 2020 and Beyond”, this year’s program included panels on Digital Transformation, Additive Manufacturing, Commercial Space Licensing Requirements, and Mentoring the next generation of our workforce, all received very well! We also held 3 workshops delivering content on Cyber Physical System Security, Supply Chain/Ecommerce: Traceability & Moving past the minimum QMS requirements for greater impact and benefits in your organization, and a workshop on the Governments Perspective on Quality provided by two experienced leaders from NASA and DCMA. In addition to the workshops and panels, we were very fortunate to have senior leaders as keynote and featured speakers from NASA, DoD, NAVSEA, Northrop Grumman, DCMA, and MDA.
I have been working with the presenters to obtain releases so we can post their presentations on the ASQ website. We will only post presentations that I have approval to release.  I encourage folks to take a look at the posted content, especially if you were unable to attend.  There was a lot of good information presented.
Again, my sincere thanks to all who supported this event, and I look forward to our continued collaboration as we manage in this changing world.  All the best to you and yours.

Phil Montag
Posted by Jerri Ji on Apr 15, 2020 11:48 AM America/Chicago