Spring 2022 Exam Preparation Classes 2721

Spring 2022 Exam Preparation Classes

Is quality training included in your career development plan?
If so, Grand Rapids ASQ has GREAT NEWS for you! Eight certification exam preparation courses are being offered for the Spring, beginning March 1, 2022. Exam preparation courses will be offered for the following certifications:

CSSBB https://events.eply.com/CSSBBExamPreparationCourseWinter2022
CQIA https://events.eply.com/CQIAExamPrepCourseSpring2022
CQT https://events.eply.com/CQTExamPrepWinter2022
CQPA https://events.eply.com/CQPAExamPrepCourseWinter2022
CMQ-OE https://events.eply.com/CMQOEPrepCourseWinter2022
CQE https://events.eply.com/CQEExamPrepCourseWinter2022
CQA https://events.eply.com/CQAExamPreparationSpring2022
CSSGB https://events.eply.com/CSSGBExamPrepCourseWinter2022

Interested? Click on the link behind each certification. The link will take you to each course offering, including dates, times, materials, and cost.

NOTE: All classes will be a virtual offering, at this time ASQ is not allowing sections to hold in-class training. If ASQ directive changes and meeting face to face is permitted, classes may have a hybrid format.
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