ASQ Energy & Environment Division Sustainability Survey

The past year has brought into sharp view the direct impact of climate change on our planet as evident from high seasonal temperatures, forest fires in California and the increasing frequency of hurricanes. Over the past six years climatic events have become normalized within the United States recording 16 weather related events, each costing approximately $ 1bn. Approximately 1.5bn liters of gasoline is consumed by Americans every day to fuel cars and trucks creating carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
The financial burden placed on local government and state legislatures to provide emergency relief and environmental mitigation has resulted in climate change and by extension sustainability being considered an emergent National Security risk. Despite the gargantuan task, the estimated cost of achieving a 100% carbon emission reduction is less than 1% of global GDP, which is a bargain considering the potential environmental, social, and economic impact from unabated carbon emissions.
Quality, safety, and environmental management professionals can be catalysts for change in driving improvement, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship towards carbon emission reduction and a green economy. The ASQ Energy &Environment Division Sustainability Survey seeks to provide insight into the contribution, critical success factors and tools being utilized by practitioners to embed sustainability within their organizations. Our Sustainability Survey questionnaire is designed to be completed within 8 minutes and is based on a robust research led framework. Survey findings will be disseminated by journal publication and a project report by Summer 2021.
ASQ members, entrepreneurs, directors, senior management, quality, safety and environmental practitioners are invited to participate and share on social media our Sustainability Survey by visiting our webpage:
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