Sponsored by ASQ, Energy & Environmental Division;
Presented by BW (Ben) Marguglio; 
October 20-22, 2020; Holiday Inn Irving-Las Colinas Hotel; Irving, TX.

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PROBLEM: Almost all operational loss of lives and $s is attributable to error in process design and implementation, including design of hardware used in processes.

SOLUTION: In this course, you will learn how to improve performance by (1) improving process design and implementation, (2) counteracting process error traps, (3) improving process decision-making and (4) preventing the recurrence of error in process design and implementation. 

Registrants get a hard copy of the 400+ PDF slides used in the course, continental breakfast and lunch, and a certificate of completion with 2.4 CEUs/Rus.  The hotel guestroom group rate is $119.00, plus tax.  WiFi is complimentary.  Hotel parking is free.

ASQ guidelines for COVID-19 will be implemented for the course.  If the guidelines require that the course not be held, it will be rescheduled to later dates.  If, for any reason, a registrant cannot attend on the rescheduled dates, the registrant will receive a full refund of his / her registration fee, no questions asked.

COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES – Upon completion of this course, one will understand:
  • HPI-HEP terminology;
  • The relationships among culture, beliefs, values, attitudes, behavior, results and performance;
  • Quality culture – quality of design, procurement, operations and maintenance; quality of safety and health; quality of environmental protection; of security; of emergency preparedness and response;
  • The quality-conscious work environment;
  • Leadership responsibilities for creating and sustaining the quality-conscious work environment;
  • Models describing how adverse effects occur;
  • The 1 source of operational loss; 2 essentials; 3 levels of barriers to human error; 4 types of barriers; 5 stages of human error; 6 Ms; 7 human error causal factors;
  • Process risk management (The Rule of 8);
  • Hardware item risk management;
  • Facility risk management;
  • Techniques by which to make barrier controls effective;
  • Techniques by which to make training effective;
  • The full scope of the quality function in terms of hazards and barriers;
  • Error inducing conditions and error likely situations (error traps);
  • Behaviors by which to counteract error traps;
  • Non-conservative decision thought processes and behaviors;
  • Conservative decision thought processes and behaviors;
  • Coaching to reduce the recurrence of human error;
  • Problem identification, problem reporting, data codification, data grouping, data analysis, extent of condition, root cause analysis, extent of cause, and corrective action;
  • Root cause analysis techniques;
  • Human error root causes;
  • Strategies;
  • Design and implementation of a problem reporting, root cause analysis, and corrective action system;
  • Design and implementation of a HPI-HEP system.
About the presenter:

BW (Ben) Marguglio, LLC
Human Performance Improvement through Human Error Prevention
Consulting and Training
Richardson, TX, USA
+1-845-849-4087 (mobile)

Mission: Helping enterprises to save lives and dollars by preventing / reducing error in the design and implementation of processes, and by mitigating error effects.
Vision: To be the provider of cost effective, universally applicable HPI / HEP principles and practices with the broadest scope and greatest specificity.
* ASQ Representative to the API Center for Offshore Safety
* Past Chair – ASQ, Energy & Environmental Division

* Former Senior Executive – Aerojet Nuclear Co & Consumers Power Co (now Consumers Energy Co)