Volunteer Opportunities Within The Energy And Environmental Division Update

The previously published position of Environmental Management Chair has been filled. For the three remaining positions please review the position descriptions below and the associated contact information if you are interested. 

The following are open positions within the division, if you are looking for fulfilling volunteer opportunities.  The contact person for these positions is listed at the end of the position description
  • Oil & Gas Committee Chair
  • Student Intern
  • Member Leader Position-Body of Knowledge
The following are descriptions of the open positions:
Oil & Gas Committee Chair (open)

  • Provide EED members with education, training, and networking opportunities specifically relating to the quality of production, safety, risk management, environmental protection and related topics as it applies to the oil and gas industry.
  • Actively grow the membership base and increase the “brand recognition” of the EED, Oil & Gas Committee in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Provide the ASQ EED perspective for quality-related documents prepared for the oil and gas industry.
Implementation Plan:
  • To the extent legally permissible, provide to EED members copies of quality-related standards, protocols, good practices similar documents originated by the COS and API Subcommittee 18.
  • Within budget limitations, attend live and teleconference meetings and submit suggestions and comments to the COS and the API Subcommittee 18 relative to the development and maintenance of quality-related standards, protocols, good practices similar documents.
  • For conferences in which EED participates, provide speakers from the oil and gas industry.
  • Without the expenditure of any out-of-pocket cost, offer to EED members free and for-fee webinars and for-fee seminars on quality-related topics as they apply to the oil and gas industry.
If you are interested in becoming the chair of one of these committees, Send your resume with a three sentence brief to Karen Douglas Chair of the Energy and Environmental Division (EED) at douglaskm@alumni.stanford.edu and current chair of one of these committees Benjamin Marguglio ben@HighTechnologySeminars.com

Student Intern  (open)
Do you want an ever-expanding space of learning from mentors leading the way in the energy and environmental domain? Volunteer to complement your formal learning with practical partnering in:
  • Programs and Learning
  • EED Standards
  • E-Standards
  • Communications and Newsletter
  • My ASQ
  • Body of Knowledge
  • Membership
 Excited about making a difference to your career; passionate about Quality 4.0 and determined to leave your unique mark on future generations by leveraging technology to transform energy and environmental impacts in a connected world? 
Send your resume with a three sentence brief to Karen DouglasChair of the Energy and Environmental Division (EED) at douglaskm@alumni.standford.edu    and Abhijit Sengupta, Communications Chair at senguptaa@hotmail.com for consideration.

Member Leader Position-Body of Knowledge (open)
Work with Division leadership committee to determine, maintain, and leverage division Body of Knowledge for refreshed content, events, and programs that will add value to members.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities
  • Work with the division leadership committee to set goals/metrics to support the division's management process as they relate to the Body of Knowledge (BoK).
  • Communicate/report to division leadership committee activities performed andstatus of performance against goals/metrics set.
  • Solicit content from community authors, webinar/event speakers.
  • Work with division leadership committee, committee, and sub-committee chairs, if applicable, to provide/receive appropriate content for consumer need.
  • Work with newsletter editor and the myASQ website coordinator to publish/socialize updates.
  • Attend division leadership committee and general membership meetings to collect and analyze feedback from attendees for content enhancement.
  • Be a Full, Senior, or Fellow ASQ member in good standing and associated with the relevant division.
  • Strong organization, communication, delegation, and negotiation skills.
  • Preferably will have understanding of needs assessment tools.
  • Preferably will have some digital platform analytics experience.
Time Commitment
Average three hours per month (outside division & executive committee meetings).
The following resources can be found on www.asq.org. (Login required).
  • ASQ Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.
  • Member Leader Community of Practice.
Member Unit Operating Agreement (MUOA)

Send your resume with a three sentence brief to Arthur Richard Vice Chair Administration (EED) at  arichard365@gmail.com
for consideration.


Posted by Kevin Fahey on Jun 3, 2020 11:32 AM America/Chicago