Congratulations to the Inspection Division!

The Inspection Division is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of ASQ’s Performance Excellence Program’s Best Practice Award! This quarterly award was bestowed upon the division for its 2022-Q2 submission of a best practice entitled “A Systemic Member Leader Recognition Program Leads to Member Leader Retention”. This winning application serves as an incentive and guide for other ASQ member units to institute a similar recognition system for themselves.
The application details how the Inspection Division systematically manages recognition for its member leaders. Not only are member leaders publicly recognized for all of their valuable contributions but continually providing meaningful recognition leads to a high member leader retention rate!
This is the third time the Inspection Division has received the PEP Best Practice Award!
Click here to view all of the Inspection Division’s award-winning applications.
News Inspection Division 08/17/2022 12:22pm CDT


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