MQD's Treasurer, John Fuschino, Featured in Quality Progress November 2022

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MQD is proud of the featured story in Quality Progress by and about MQD's own, John Fuschino!

Learn how some unexpected career opportunities opened a new world of possibilities in quality and in metrology! Also learn how John has given back to ASQ with his active participation as a volunteer member leader with ASQ Divisions, ASQ Sections, and ASQ Certification. John is a valued colleague and dedicated contributor to improving quality. ASQ and the world is lucky to have you in it, John!

See attached story or visit My Quality Story: From Machinist to Metrologist | ASQ

"My Quality Story: From Machinist To Metrologist

How Certification And Education Helped One Quality Professional Find A Career For Life" by John Fuschino

News Measurement Quality Division 11/02/2021 7:11pm CDT


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