Rich Mallory presenting to ASQ Emerging Quality Leaders Program

The Emerging Quality Leaders Program welcomed Rich Mallory, MM, PMP, of the ASQ Government Division as the speaker for their first virtual learning session of the 2019-2020 Program on June 13th. A principle consultant and Senior Project Manager in government practice for CPS HR Consulting of Sacramento, CA, Rich spoke on “Quality Leadership Fundamentals”, and delivered key takeaways about a manager’s unique role within building a quality business practice.  Rich will be joining the EQLP again this Friday, 6/28, to further dive into identifying preferred leadership styles, how they influence team productivity, and answer additional questions from the Cohort participants.

Thank you to Rich for his valuable insights and contributions to support the EQLP and drive conversations around theories of best practice in leadership! The thought leadership that Rich and the Government Division are sharing is in direct alignment to support the mission and vision of ASQ! 

News Government Division 06/26/2019 8:59am CDT


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