Center For Quality Standards In Government (CQSG)



Research, develop, maintain, and educate on recognized standards which, when applied, enable governments at all levels to objectively evaluate their quality maturity and move towards performance excellence.


Governments around the world achieve the highest levels of performance through the use of recognized quality standards.

Community Offerings

The ASQ Government Division CQSG's team designs, develops, and fields the ANSI Designated Examiner Training course based on the ANSI: G1 Standard
  • WebEx Event Recording: The ANSI:G1 standard - A new beginning point for efficiency and effectiveness in government


  • 2021 Chair Ms. Janice Stout
  • 2022 Chair Mr. Richard Mallory

Leadership Council Members

  • Mr. Kerry Bass
  • Mr. Larry Edwards (2022 GOV DIV ChairLiaison)
  • Mr. Wes Knepper
  • Mr. Jarrett Perlow

Discussion Group

  • Join in on our discussions as we continue building out the CQSG initiative, training, and standards maturation in 2022 and beyond
  • Share your thoughts, perspectives, and how we can better serve our members and community leveraging this initiative
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