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Research, develop, maintain, and educate on recognized standards which, when applied, enable governments at all levels to objectively evaluate their quality maturity and move towards performance excellence.


Governments around the world achieve the highest levels of performance through the use of recognized quality standards.

Community Offerings

The ASQ Government Division CQSG's team designs, develops, and fields the ANSI Designated Examiner Training course based on the ANSI: G1 Standard.

About the Standard
The ASQ/ANSI G1:2021 provides “Guidelines for evaluating the quality of government operations and services.” It is an international standard that represents best-in-class management practice for government. It can be purchased from the American Society for Quality bookstore, the American Society for Quality bookstore.

This new standard provides a baseline for testing the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations everywhere by providing process and system maturity models that apply to the workflows of every government program, unit and office. Their application allows anyone to evaluate whether managers and supervisors have best practice operational plans in place to guide their work. It also provides a maturity score that reflects the extent to which managers and supervisors use the proven practices of quality management. Its system and process maturity models span the work of entire organizations and provide for uniform and objective scoring of the use of quality practices in every office and area. The premise of the new standard is that the use of quality practices is synonymous with good management overall, and that managers and supervisors should be held accountable for defining standard best practices, and having performance measures embedded in their work.

Once the maturity models have been applied to the work of every manager and supervisor, a comprehensive and visible scorecard can be created, that will guide the attention and effort of everyone. A visible scorecard of this type ensures that the interest in quality practice and excellent operations will not be short-lived, but will define how the organization does business into the foreseeable future. It is a model that can broadly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government everywhere.

Find out what the ANSI Government Standard can bring to your government agency here.

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Center Leadership Council

Officers Standing Working Group Leads Ex Officio Members
Mr. Jarrett Perlow
Education and Training
Mr. Wayne Shelton
Government Division Chair
Mr. Larry Edwards
Vice Chair
Mr. David Eisenberg
Ms. India Hall
Government Division Chair-Elect
Mr. Quentin Wilson
Mr. Patrick B. Chesnut
Standards Implementation
Mr. John McMillin
Government Division Standards Comm. Rep
Ms. Bonnie Gaughan-Bailey
Immediate Past Chair
Mr. Richard Mallory
Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity Chair
Mr. Kerry Bass

Past Chairs

  • Mr. Richard Mallory (2022)

  • Ms. Janice Stout (2021)

Discussion Group

  • Join in on our discussions as we continue building out the CQSG initiative, training, and standards maturation in 2022 and beyond
  • Share your thoughts, perspectives, and how we can better serve our members and community leveraging this initiative
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