Leaders sought for review of a proposed ANSI Quality of Government Standard

The ASQ[1] Government Division is asking for nominations of experienced and proven quality team facilitators and government agency leaders to assist in the review and advancement of a quality of management standard being developed as part of an ANSI[2] Standards package.  The  package includes a Process Maturity Model and a System Maturity Model that can be used to assess the use of best practice operations within the span of control of every manager and supervisor in any government agency.   

The new maturity models are included in the “Guidelines for Evaluating the Quality of Government Operations and Services,” which is being prepared for submission to the American National Standards Institute later this year.  The new Standard requires broad professional review.

“We believe this proposed ANSI Standard has the ability to re-invent the application of quality in government, by clearly showing which units in any agency, program, or office are actively using established quality principles,” said Government Division Chair Marc Berson.  “The use of its process maturity model in combination with its system maturity model has the potential to apply a uniform and objective quality standard to any government operation, and to provide a visible scorecard that shows support of quality practice agency-wide.” 

The Division is looking for several categories of reviewers with government quality background, including the following:
  • Experienced quality team facilitators and leaders, including Lean Six Sigma team leaders, for the review of the process maturity model;
  • Practitioners more experienced in the application of systems models, including Baldrige Examiners, to review the system maturity model;
  • Government program and agency heads who would have an interest in testing the use of these models as a framework for their sustainable quality efforts.
Those who wish to nominate a person or agency, should include a one-page bio or background statement of interest, and should forward that to Richard Mallory at the email addresses provided in this announcement.  The proposed models will be more fully explained at a webinar being sponsored by the Division, on June 2. 

Richard Mallory, who chairs the Government Division Center for Quality Standards in Government, thinks that the proposed ANSI Standards will re-invent the foundation of quality practice in government, by challenging all agencies to create and document best practice operational plans.  “The genius of the new system is that it will require every manager and supervisor in covered agencies to document the efficiency and effectiveness of work flows though identified key processes and systems.” 

The proposed ANSI Standard as well as the process and system maturity models are available on the Government Division web page, at the following address: 
Those interested in further information, or with an interest in participation in this effort should contact:
  • Richard Mallory, Chair of the Center for Quality Standards in Government
  • Marc Berson, Chair of Government Division Leadership Council

The Division plans to submit the proposed ANSI Standard to the ASQ Standards Committee for approval to submit to the ANSI organization near the end of this year.  ANSI is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States. The organization also coordinates U.S. standards with international standards so that American products can be used worldwide.
[1] American Society for Quality www.asq.org
[2] American National Standards Institute
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