November 2021 Meeting

1. November 2021 Section Meeting
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The November Section Meeting will be a joint meeting organized and presented by the Boulder Section and held jointly with our Golden Spike Section. We are looking forward to seeing all our Golden Spike section members along with many new faces from the Boulder Colorado section.

November 18, 2021 Section Meeting (Virtual)
5:45 pm (MST) Web Conference Start: Networking, Welcome and Section Business
6:00 pm (MST) Presentation
7:15 pm (MST) Web Conference End: meeting over

" An Organization-wide Program Launch at CDOT: Utilizing Both Project & Change Management to Continuously Improve the Quality of our Business"
- Speakers: Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
-- Gary Vansuch, CDOT Director of Process Improvement
-- Michelle Malloy, CDOT Senior Program Manager for Project and Change Management
-- Mariah Wagner, CDOT Process Improvement and Change Management Intern
-- Kourtnei Osborn, CDOT Process Improvement and Change Management Intern

At Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we are seeking to make Business improvement projects more successful and create transparency within our organization. We envision a culture of continuous improvement supported by a fully-integrated program that will promote CDOT’s values of Customer Service and Excellence. To do this we have developed an initiative called Concept-to-Project, or "C2P". C2P focuses on business improvement projects that impact how people work, such as projects that are designed to improve business, process improvements, and restructures help everyone who is impacted by change be successful with that change. Our team has partnered with stakeholders and sponsors from around CDOT to collaborate in developing C2P. C2P has recently ‘gone live’, we are excited to navigate the change this will create across CDOT.

CODT improvement web site

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