IMPORTANT!!: Call for Nominations for 2023 Elected Officers

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The section's Nominating Committee is currently identifying section members to nominate for the three elected positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for 2023. In addition to the Nominating Committee's efforts, voting members of the section may self-nominate or nominate other voting members for consideration for these positions. If you are interested in submitting a nomination, you must obtain 10 voting members of the section to support the nomination and submit the petition to the Section Secretary Cinthia Gaona ( A petition form is attached to this news post below. If you need any assistance completing the petition or have any questions don't hesitate to contact Cinthia or Pete Courtois ( If possible, submit your petition by 10/20/2022; however, the nominating window will remain open until 11/1/2022. If any petitions are submitted and there are contested positions an election will be held. If an election is necessary, details will follow.

*Per ASQ’s Bylaws: Professional, Senior, Fellow, and Honorary membership types shall be voting members of the Society and shall have one vote per membership. Voting members collectively shall be called Regular Members. Eligible individuals must be Regular Members of the Society and have a membership in the section.
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