2021 ASQ Austin Chair Letter to the Membership

January 2021  
Dear ASQ Austin Members,  
As 2020 ASQ Austin Chair, I had the unique experience of leading this great Section during a time of dual changes.  As an organization, we were going through internal structural changes, and later, the changes brought about by COVID-19.  These challenges have inspired innovation and resilience within our ASQ Austin Leadership Chairs, as well as highlighted the commitment and dedication of all our ASQ Austin Members.  
Throughout this time of hardship, we managed to stay focused on the goal of providing educational membership meetings, maintaining our Section within the geographic Region, fulfilling all of our Section requirements and supporting our local community with a $500 donation to the Austin Food Bank and a $500 donation to All Together ATX.  
In 2021, we will work towards continuous improvement by recruiting volunteers and enhancing Leadership roles, continuing to listen to the Voice of Customer through membership surveys, providing networking and educational opportunities, as well as exploring virtual social get-togethers.   
Fueled by our 2020 success, our members’ support and participation, and thanks to the support from our ASQ West South-Central Regional Leaders, ASQ Headquarters and neighboring ASQ Sections, I am confident that ASQ Austin will continue to remain mission-focused and prepared for any pivotal changes as we venture into 2021.  
Wishing all our ASQ Austin Members and their families a happy and healthy new year,  
Melanie Berry  
ASQ Austin Chair  
News Austin Section 01/11/2021 7:02pm CST


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