ASQ — Member Only Monthly Gift Package (November 2022)

November Member Gift Bundle

Digital Transformation & Optimization

Disruptive technologies, increasing complexity, and supply chain issues are just a few of the obstacles quality professionals face when trying to upgrade and modernize their quality systems.

Regardless, optimization and digitization are a competitive imperative whichever way you see it.

Don’t worry though, ASQ is here to help! In this new ASQ member gift, we’re sharing lots of resources to address both challenges, including:
This exclusive member gift
will be available through November 30, 2022.
  • 7 Webinars and Webcasts including Quality 4.0: Preparing Your Quality Organization for Its Move to the Next Level, Bring the Benefits of Data and Digitization to Your Organization, Excelling on a Digital Transformation, Effective Quality Documentation, Integrating Management Systems, and more..
  • 14 Articles and Case Studies that provide introductions and guidance on Creating Intelligent Systems, Using a Digital Transformation Roadmap, Connecting Transformation to VOC, Leveraging Technology for Manufacturing Maintenance, Smart Automation,Overcoming Obstacles to Transformation, and many more topics!.
  • Digital Transformation and Quality 4.0 basics from core definitions to a full description of the technologies and tools needed for success!
  • ASQTV short videos on Successful Transformation Initiatives, Intelligent Automation, and Quality's Role in Big Data and the Digital Age.
  • And more...
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