ASQ Montreal — Robustness Development In Design For Reliability (DFR) — Student Outreach (2022-07-07)


Dr. Farnoosh Naderkhani, ASQ Member, Assistant Professor @ Concordia, Student Outreach Committee Chair (un texte en français suit)

In the second seminar series for students held on July 7th, 2022 via Zoom, Dr. Matthew Hu, a Senior Vice-President, Engineering and Quality at HAYLION Technologies delivered an interesting talk entitled “Robustness Thinking in Design for Reliability”. The seminar started with a 45-minute talk by Dr. Hu, followed by questions and discussion from the audience.

It was a very successful seminar and well appreciated. Approximately 25 students attended the event. Based on survey results, the overall satisfaction was 93.8% and participants particularly appreciated the exchange with 90%. Satisfaction for the subject and the approach reported as 100% and 90%, respectively. The satisfaction for the presenter was 95%. As Student Outreach Committee Chair, I will try my best to organize at least one more seminar for this year. Stay tuned for upcoming seminar series.

Lors de la deuxième série de séminaires pour les étudiants qui s’est tenue le 7 juillet 2022 via Zoom, le Dr. Matthew Hu, vice-président senior, ingénierie et qualité chez HAYLION Technologies, a présenté un exposé intéressant intitulé “Robustness Thinking in Design for Reliability”. Le séminaire a débuté par un exposé de 45 minutes du Dr. Hu, suivi de questions et d’une discussion avec le public.

Ce fut un séminaire très réussi et bien apprécié. Environ 25 étudiants ont participé à l’événement. D’après les résultats de l’enquête, la satisfaction globale est de 93,8% et les participants ont particulièrement apprécié l’échange avec 90%. La satisfaction pour le sujet et l’approche a été de 100% et 90%, respectivement. La satisfaction pour le présentateur était de 95%. En tant que président du comité de sensibilisation des étudiants, je ferai de mon mieux pour organiser au moins un autre séminaire cette année. Restez à l’écoute pour les prochaines séries de séminaires.

b2490966ae100703e019c2f4cfa4bb72-huge-maReliability is one of the most important characteristics of an engineering system. It can be measured as robustness over time as a leading key performance indicator (KPI). Product Development has a huge impact on revenue stream and reliability and it is most cost-effective and less time-consuming to make design insensitive to uncontrollable user environments in upfront design phase. Robustness thinking is essential to improve quality and reliability proactively by factoring the activities of design for reliability. Robustness development in manufacturing can reduce the variability of those processes with valuable benefits to manufacturing yields, reduction of cycle time and costs. Robustness development in Design for Reliability (DFR) process provides benefits in reduction of early-on physical testing and traditional test-fix-test cycles. Robustness achieved early in product development enables shorter cycle times in the later design phases.

About the speaker: Dr. Matthew Hu, a Senior Vice President Engineering and Quality at HAYLION Technologies, has been a recognized exceptional industrial expert and leader in robust engineering, quality, reliability, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Robust Design for Reliability. He is an adjunct professor at University of Houston and leading Supply Chain Innovation Lab initiative. Dr. Hu has made significant contributions as an engineer, specialist, six sigma master black belt, program manager, and executive during a long career in technology and product development, manufacturing, supply chain, commercialization and operation. He held numerous leadership positions in automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, technology, medical device and consulting. He helped and saved companies over $19 million cost savings, including over $5.5 million cost savings for Ford Motor Company. He received numerous awards, including Ford Motor Company Global Customer Satisfaction Gold Winner Award.

Dr. Hu holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial and System Engineering at Wayne State University and two master degrees (MS in Statistics and MS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering), is a Certified Robust Design Expert, a Certified LSS Master Black Belt and also a certified DFSS Master Black Belt, a Certified Quality Engineer and a Certified Reliability Engineer.

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