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Fellow Membership

It is an honour bestowed by other ASQ members. A Fellow represents the upper echelon of the quality profession and serves as the backbone of the Society. It is an advanced, individual member grade obtained through peer endorsement and Society recognition. Some of the benefits to becoming a Fellow include peer recognition of individual accomplishments in the quality field, networking opportunities, new levels of ASQ involvement and additional member benefits.
All ASQ Fellows, worldwide, are members of the ASQ Fellows Focus Group, a global geographic community affiliated with ASQ’s Geographic Communities Council (GCC). Also, a choice of one of the extra benefit options below is included with membership dues of $169 US per year.
  • One journal of your choice
  • One additional section of your choice

So, You’d Like to Become an ASQ Fellow?

An ASQ member must be nominated by an ASQ section or division to become a Fellow. The ASQ governing document called "Advancement to Fellowship Policy" describes the scope which applies to all those involved with the Fellow advancement process. This procedure calls out the Fellow criteria, a Fellow Matrix, the required nomination form, and the requirements for nominators.


  • Fellows must be nominated by their section, forum/division, region director, or the elected chair or president of a country unit recognized by the ASQ board of directors. It may be attained only by advancement from Senior member through the process of nomination and may not be attained by application.
  • A Fellow nominee must meet three basic qualifications (see the Fellow matrix of requirements):
  1. Experience in quality or quality related field;
  2. Senior membership in ASQ for a minimum of the past five consecutive calendar years, and;
  3. Achievement of some distinction in a quality related discipline; and a minimum total of 28 points scored in six proficiency areas, with a minimum required in each area, as follows: Technical competence (4 points); Occupational responsibility (3 points); Publications (2 points); ASQ activities (4 points); Professional affiliations other than ASQ (No minimum); Teaching (for nonprofessional teachers) or consulting (for professionally employed teachers) (2 points).

Section or Division Chairs can guide candidates through the advancement to Fellow process. Also available and recommended are Fellow Process Coaches, a group of volunteers, available to help individuals prepare their Fellow nominations and provide guidance as to what and how much evidence to submit, or to clarify any requirements and answer any questions they may have about the process. For coaching, submit a request for assistance via email to Jim Bossert, head of the Fellow Coaches Committee, at least six months in advance.

Fellow Nomination Form, Fellow Matrix of Requirements, and Fellow Advancement Policy are downloadable from


The Examining Committee ensures that the nominations conform to established requirements. The newest versions of the nomination forms can be found on the ASQ website at the links below:

The Fellow nomination deadline is May 1. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Fellow Nominations can be submitted via email. Please send nominations to Taylor Lovas -

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