ASQ Montreal - Canada 2021 Region Conference Recognition

951f84cb0a533848a076520daf3a2421-huge-csChantale Simard received her 'Certificate of Recognition" from Puneet Manchanda, ASQ Canada Regional Director, for her leadership role in the recent organization of the ASQ 2021 Canada Region Conference.
Here are her comments on this recognition:
"Thank you Puneet for this recognition, it is really appreciated and a really nice and kind gesture on your part! I would like to take this opportunity to recognize all the great leaders, passionate members and friends of the ASQ Montreal section who have made and are making sure to promote Quality in the community and most importantly, who are there for each other and always ready to help. It is an honour to be part of such a wonderful organization. Best wishes to all for 2022!
C’est un privilège de faire partie d’un groupe aussi formidable et je tiens à remercier tous les anciens et actuels bénévoles de même que tous ceux qui participent, d’une manière ou d’une autre, à nos activités et sur nos plateformes. Meilleurs vœux pour 2022 !
I can’t name everyone… here is a list of the 2022 Leadership team members: Raymond E. Dyer, Jean-Pierre Amiel, Veronica Marquez, Farnoosh Naderkhani, Michael Bournazian, Amitkumar Mulchandani, Samira Kazemi Tooraj, Guy Plouffe, Eric Hosking, David Tozer, Sam Weissfelner, Inteaz Alli. Un merci spécial à un super bénévole et ami : Marcel A. Charbonneau

Congratulations again, Chantale.
News Montreal Section 12/30/2021 4:53pm CST


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