Canada Conference 2020 - Quality: Connections For Excellence (Updated 25 September)

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505b80b611193f60564d5471ff783672-huge-cqRuth Stanley, ASQ Regional Director for Canada & Greenland Region has announced that the Canada Conference will still be held on October 18, 19 & 20, but virtually. With the current need to reach out and connect in different ways, the theme of the conference has been changed to
Quality: Connections for Excellence.
We have some great ideas on how to engage you all in the conference and a diverse set of speakers in mind.
The daily three-hour format will be as follows: a one-hour Keynote, two Recorded Sessions that can be viewed at any time and a two-hour Kitchen Party Discussion each evening. As a bonus, we are planning a francophone Kitchen Party networking event on Wednesday evening October 21, more details to follow.

Note: All conferences will be in English. The Kitchen Party on the 21st will be in French.
Day 1 – Sunday, October 18: Connecting people
  • Keynote speaker: Karyn Ross, Fulfilling Your Purpose: The Creative Side of Continuous Improvement
  • On-demand recordings:
    • Dwight Powless and Linda M. Manning: Indigenous Models for Continuous Improvement: A Case Study
    • Matthew Barsalau: Human Factors and Root-cause Analysis
  • Kitchen Party
Day 2 – Monday, October 19: Connecting technology
  • Keynote speaker: Alex Boussetta, Quality Management and Improvement in the Age of AI
  • On-demand recordings:
    • Lauren Hisey: Leveraging Lean Six Sigma with AI
    • Alex Abraham: A New Way to Define Lean Six Sigma Projects for Digital Transformation
  • Kitchen Party
Day 3 – Tuesday, October 20: Connecting processes
  • Keynote speaker: Jim Boyden, ISO 9001 Quality Matters
  • On-demand recordings:
    • Karen Lawrence: Preparing for Quality 4.0 – The Skills Gap
    • Jessica Perritt: Quality 4.0: Bringing Science and a Broader View of Culture Together
  • Kitchen Party
Soirée – Mercredi 21 octobre: Fête en cuisine - Francophone
  • Kitchen Party - Réseautage
    • Animateur : Jean-Marc Legentil, B.A.A., HEC Montréal, MBA, associé principal chez Bell Nordic Conseil
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