2020 Business Plan

The Service Quality Division (SQD) leadership team held our annual business planning and budget working session to identify our 2020 objectives and build a plan to support them.  This in-person session provides an opportunity to discuss how effective we were in meeting the previous year's objectives, determine which objectives should carry over into the new year, and refine our targets going forward.  Chair-elect Rob Houle has done a fantastic job over the past two years of ensuring that we've done the necessary prep work to make our one day together as effective as possible and of keeping us on task as we proceed through our agenda.  The proposed business plan and budget have been submitted to Technical Community Council leadership and are awaiting final approval by the Board of Directors.
SQD's two key objectives remain unchanged:  delivering valuable content and engaging our members.  Highlights of our 2020 business plan to support our objectives are noted below, along with the overall ASQ strategy they support:

Drive Thought Leadership in Excellence Through Quality
  • We will continue to work to improve the quality and number of educational offerings and resources, leveraging our new myASQ community, as well as webinars and in-person workshop opportunities.
  • With the enhanced Service Quality Body of Knowledge now available, we have moved our focus to improving the usability of the tool to better address members' areas of interest and experience level and ensuring that the content is refreshed appropriately.
Deliver New Tailored Solutions to More Organizational Members and Customers
  • SQD's focus within the organizational space continues to be on non-profit organizations.  We will continue our collaboration with Max's Big Ride to identify and support service quality improvements where appropriate.
  • SQD plans to leverage insights gained from the collaboration with Max's Big Ride to develop a quality toolbox for members who are working with non-profits.
Improve the Individual Member Experience
  • myASQ is a critical part of ASQ's overall member engagement strategy, and SQD will be developing a plan to both encourage and monitor interactions within our community, including ensuring ongoing member leader participation on the site.
  • Ensuring that member leaders have the necessary skills to support and grow our technical community is critical.  To support that need, SQD will be defining a formal development program for high-potential member leader candidates that will broaden exposure to other leadership roles and to the planning process.
  • We will continue our participation at WCQI through an exhibit booth and a membership luncheon/meeting.
Institute Best Practices in Governance, Operations and Risk Management
  • As part of ASQ's overall transformation, the necessary roles within a technical community have evolved, and SQD is changing our approach to reflect that evolution.  While we still have the critical elected positions, we now have more flexibility in committee roles and have restructured our approach so all activities will flow through one of two new roles:  Content Strategy Chair or Member Experience Chair.  These two new chair positions are charged with ensuring that all SQD activities are aligned with our key objectives and are happening according to plan.
The leadership team is excited about our plans for 2020 and looks forward to working with the other technical communities within the People and Service Resources segment to collaborate on our shared goals.  We're even more excited about continuing to engage with you, our members, so please visit our myASQ community (https://my.asq.org/communities/home/137) to join the conversation!
Polly LeBarron
Service Quality Division Chair, 2018-2019

Posted by Polly LeBarron on Nov 24, 2019 8:27 AM America/Chicago