About Service Quality Division

The Service Quality Division has been part of ASQ since 1991. Members come from organizations or functional areas that primarily are service oriented or service focused. Most members are interested in better ways to deploy and integrate quality systems, principles, and techniques into their organizations. The Service Quality Division serves a diverse base of members, such as:

  • Financial Services (banking, finance, insurance)
  • Hospitality and Travel (hotels, airlines, travel agents, restaurants)
  • Professional Services (consultants, legal contract services)
  • Regulated Industries (public utilities, transportation)
  • Not for Profit Sectors (associations, government agencies)
  • Retail Business (customer service, sales/marketing)
  • Members of support service functions (manufacturing or service organizations.)
  • Anyone interested in learning more about service quality or sharing their experiences and knowledge in service quality.
Posted by Leia Patzernuk on Sep 16, 2019 10:23 AM America/Chicago