Service Quality Division Nominations For 2022-2023 Elected Officers

The ASQ Service Quality Division (SQD) nominating committee is pleased to announce the following proposed slate of elected officers for the 2022-2023 two-year term:

Marianne Gonzalez – Secretary
Marianne has served as SQD Secretary for the 2020-2021 term and would be serving a second consecutive term. Marianne has extensive leadership and relationship management experience within the financial services industry. Marianne is a Client Relationship Manager at National Quality Review.

Leia Patzernuk – Chair Elect
Leia has been a member of the SQD leadership team since 2009 and currently serves as Content Strategist. Leia previously served in a variety of roles focused on enhancing the Division's online presence and content creation. She was SQD Chair for the 2016-2017 term. Leia is a Transformational Specialist in the HITS eHealth Office at Hamilton Health Sciences.

Additional nominations from the general SQD membership require submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Professional members, and submitted to SQD Nominating Chair Polly LeBarron ( by November 8, 2021. Any additional nominee must be a member of ASQ in good standing and a member of the Service Quality Division. Previous experience as a member leader is preferred but not required.

If there are no additional qualified candidates nominated for any elected position by November 15, 2021, the proposed slate will be declared elected by acclamation at the next meeting of the SQD leadership team.

If there are two or more qualified members nominated for the same elected position, an election will be conducted with all members of SQD in good standing eligible to vote. A majority is required for the approval of a candidate.

Thank you,
Polly LeBarron
Past Chair/Nomination Chair
Service Quality Division
News Service Quality Division 10/05/2021 3:59pm CDT


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