ASQ Baltimore Section 502 May 10, 2022 Virtual Member Meeting Wrap-up


Hi ASQ Baltimore members and guests,

Thank you for attending the May 10, 2022 ASQ Baltimore Section 0502 Virtual Member "Dinner" Meeting.

The receipt for attending the meeting is attached to this email. You may only claim credit for the portion(s) actually attended.

Please take a few minutes to complete and submit the survey for the meeting using the link below. (The survey will open in a new tab.)

ASQ Baltimore Section 0502 May 10 Virtual Member Dinner Meeting Survey Link

Your response is anonymous; the software does not capture any identification from the sender. If you submit a question or comment that you would like us to respond to, please include your name and email in the comment section. Otherwise, responses will be addressed during the Welcome PowerPoint announcements during upcoming meetings.

The responses to the meeting surveys are shared with our speakers.

Our speaker, Drew Butler thanks all of you for your enthusiastic comments.

PDF copies of his presentation files will be posted on the Section website.


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Thank you for your support of ASQ Baltimore Section 0502 activities. We hope to see you at our June 14 Virtual Member "Dinner" Meeting.
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