2020 Heart Of Illinois Section Leadership Committee (SLC)

During the October Technical Meeting the 2020 slate of candidates for the Section Leadership Committee was presented and approved by those in attendance.

Congratulations to the 2020 ASQ Heart of Illinois SLC and thank you for commitment to our section!

Tobbias Day - Chair, Arrangements Chair
Jason Beckerdite - Treasurer, Fund Raising Chair
David Longanbach -  Secretary
Gerry Horton - Membership Chair
Bart Helmick - Nominating Chair
Paul Prest - Audit Chair
Jim Smith - Certification Chair
Bob Christopher-Murphy - Publicity Chair
Gary Halberg - Scholarship Chair
Dr. Krishnamoorthi - Student Branch Counselor
Chuck Whitaker - Internet Liaison
Bart Welker - Voice of the Customer (VoC) Chair

Thank you to the 2019 SLC for your service to the section.

We still have volunteer opportunities for those interested in contributing to the success of our ASQ section. Member Leaders earn 1.5 RU (Recertification Units) per year. If you are interested, please contact me through myASQ.

Thank you,
Bart Helmick - 2019 Chair, 2020 Nominating Chair
News Heart of Illinois Section 11/05/2019 3:31pm CST