Reminder: Proposals For WCQI 2022 Due By August 27, 2021!


Proposals are now being accepted for WCQI 2022. To learn more or submit your application(s), please visit the WCQI website to review event details and timelines. When ready, click on the “Call for Proposals” button to apply. (NOTE: You will need to create a user account on our new Linklings reviewer/speaker platform. Your ASQ login details aren’t applicable for the submissions site.) If you’re submitting a speaker proposal, be sure to indicate session type (workshop or concurrent) and preferred format (live/onsite, on-demand/pre-recorded, or no preference). For all applications, be sure to include your ASQ membership number. Presenters must be ASQ members in good standing.

If you would like to list the HD&L division's support in your proposal, please reach out to our division chair, Stephanie Gaulding: Be prepared to submit a summary of your proposal submission for review and consideration.

The theme is "The Art and Science of Quality":

Art and science are sometimes viewed as distinct disciplines, but when studied together, their mutual impact is clear. Just as considerable creativity is often required to accomplish scientific breakthroughs, art is frequently observed as an outcome of scientific knowledge.

WCQI 2022 explores the symbiotic relationship between human and scientific aspects of quality management. Sessions addressing soft skills, cultural consciousness and leadership are offered alongside practical presentations outlining leading-edge applications and technologies, helping to bridge the gap between emotional and scientific intelligence and advance the quality community’s global standing as a comprehensive resource for progress, innovation, and excellence.

Focus areas for the conference include:

Leading through Excellence: The Master’s Series
Discover emerging best practices in leadership and engagement, diversity/equity/inclusion, change management and more in this series of expert-led sessions offering keys to leading and affecting change in both the near and long term. Learn how an organization can build a system of quality processes that exceed customer expectations, cultivate a leader’s mentality, ensure a culture of inclusion and equity, and embrace innovation.

  • Leadership’s role in creating a quality-centered culture
  • Integrating innovation and new technologies into current processes
  • Change management best practices
  • Sustaining organizations of excellence

Engineering an Enterprise-wide QMS
The voice of the customer is increasingly vital to a business's success, requiring large-scale and visible documentation of how an enterprise deploys strategy, data, and communications to infuse quality throughout the organization. These sessions unveil the key components of a quality management system, or QMS, and its critical contribution to customer satisfaction and retention. Identify how a QMS can drive improvements in regulatory compliance, supply chain efficiency, and quality service—all while controlling costs and uncovering opportunities for innovation, growth, and enterprise gain.

  • Organizational context and risk-based thinking
  • ISO 9001 and other QMS standards
  • Aligning QMS with sustainability and transparency initiatives
  • Getting started: Self-assessment, PDCA and beyond
  • Software considerations

Framing Quality through a Technology Lens
Advances in technology continue to transform business processes. This collection of sessions brings attendees up to speed on product and process innovations geared toward advancing the pursuit of excellence through quality. Real-world use cases will provide an understanding of technologies and tools best suited for a variety of applications and include insight into identifying the key players on the implementation team.

  • New applications in lean, Six Sigma, ISO, and Quality 4.0
  • System integration best practices
  • Advances in software, automation, digitalization, IoT, big data and other technologies
  • Identifying and overcoming data barriers
  • Staying current with process management

It’s Elemental: Quality Basics for Beginners (and Beyond)
More and more organizations rely on quality practices to navigate digital, cultural and operational challenges, making a thorough understanding of the fundamental tools and techniques essential for sustained progress. This area of focus underscores ways that new and advancing quality professionals can remain current on methods, trends, emerging frameworks—and commit to personal and professional growth in the process.

  • Structuring quality teams: Roles and responsibilities
  • Essential tools and terms: fishbone, Pareto, continuous improvement, Kata, etc.
  • Quality systems in use: Baldrige criteria, ISO 9001, Six Sigma and more
  • Guidance for NextGen: Mentoring, inclusion, career planning

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