Message From The Chair - January 2018

Brooks Carder, Ph.D. - HD&L Chair 2018-2019

I like to think of HD&L as the most important division in ASQ. The world is desperately in need of leadership. Now, we do not believe we can create leaders. That requires aspects of character which we do not feel qualified to teach. But we can provide a lot of help to leaders. That is the aim of our content, to assist leaders in accomplishing their work.

As a psychologist I’m very involved with the content produced by our division. Prior to becoming the Chair I served as Publications Chair, Webinar Chair, and Body of Knowledge Chair. I did not do them all at the same time, but for some periods I did two. For a small division we have developed a large amount of content, all of it directed at assisting leaders in doing their work.

Many ASQ members treat quality as a collection of methods. I have a slightly different view. What Deming did was apply profound knowledge (knowledge of variation, systems, psychology, and the theory of knowledge) to business problems. Quality is not the methods, but rather the proper use of knowledge.

It should come as no surprise that a knowledge of people is critical to effective leadership. I had occasion to attend six of Deming’s four-day seminars over the last years of his life. In the first seminars he spent a great deal of time on variation. As time went on however, he shifted his emphasis to psychology. I believe he realized that the biggest problem with quality was not the methods, but the willingness of managers to forsake the traditional unscientific methods and adopt quality.

We’re not trying to think outside the box. We’re trying to think in the proper box. If you want to work with committed colleagues, have fun, and make an important contribution to the knowledge of quality, join us at HD&L.

Please contact me or any member leader with questions, suggestions and to further engage!

Brooks Carder, Ph.D.
Chair Human Development & Leadership Division

(Note: This post was originally published to HD&L externally hosted website in January 2018. Posted to HD&L community within myASQ in September 2018 on behalf of Brooks Carder by the Community Owner.)
Posted by Stephanie Gaulding on Sep 15, 2018 3:45 PM America/Chicago