Call for papers - 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference - Risk and Resilience 1927

Call for papers - 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference - Risk and Resilience

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The ASQ Montreal Section is hosting the virtual 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference (lead by the Montreal Section) on
the 4 th and 5th October 2021. We are calling for people working in the quality field to submit proposals to present at the
conference in either French or English.
Topics that could be considered include:
  • An organisational definition of risk (Bernoulli Risk) for meaningful action.
  • Auditing to assess risk and provide opportunities to be resilient to risk.
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis used in determining probabilities for risk analysis, designed experiment ideas (before and after state) in the analysis.
  • Design of Experiments applied to clinical trials such as COVID19 vaccine approval (placebo control, treated, subject selection, randomization, double blind) leading to robust test results.
  • Advanced Product Quality Plan applied to risk and resilience.
  • Staff selection and retention. Risk of non-optimal selection of candidates. Improving the selection and interview process with structured interviews.
  • Where to look for risks in an organization (reputation, profitability, deliverables, supply chain, safety, quality...)
  • ISO 44001 Collaborative organization relationship management systems to reduce risk.
  • Standards and regulations (Examples: ISO, SAE, ANSI, ASTM, ASQ, Health Canada, Food and Drug Administration, Transport Canada, Federal Aviation Administration, obsolete MIL standards) applied to risk assessment and reduction leading to resilience.
We are open to review any other proposal for ideas on other risk related topics.
To apply to present a paper, please submit an abstract by 30 June 2021 to David Tozer, Technical Committee Chair at The committee will review the submissions and select papers for presentation.
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